Picture of Maria Stella Lydaki.

Maria Stella is a London-based artist originated from an island in the Aegean Sea — an area filled with ancient and medieval symbols that often guide her creativity.

As a recent graduate from the Jewellery Linking Bodies department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in July 2022, she learned that jewellery can take any form. She has since experimented with the medium as a performance, an installation, and a wearable object.

She is currently researching the art of lamentation in relation to the ancient Oracle of Delphi, Pythia. With the abandoning of the temples where the Oracle lived in 390 AD, she questions where we can find our own Pythia in our modern days. Her practice examines how jewellery can be a catalyst to bring back a direct communication with the body as an Oracle.

Maria Stella finds herself inspired by artists like Leonora Carrington or Remedios Varo, which resurfaced in the contemporary art scene after a renewed interest in Surrealism.

Selected exhibitions

Selected publications

Reclaiming the Mythical Feminine - Anima Mundi school (2023)
Black River (issue 02 2022)
The Grief Space - Brand content commission (2021)
Inside the Outside Journal - Volume 1: Right to Roam (2021)
Of the Land and Us - Black River (issue 01 2021)
Fubiz - Romantic Memories of a Berlin Trip (2017)
Growth Issue - Thistle Magazine (2016)
Silvae Magazine (2016)
Mystery Issue - Thistle Magazine (2016)

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