Journey with the Oracles

An experimental analogue picture.

Imagine a photoshoot that celebrates the breathtaking landscapes within and around you. Each Journey with the Oracles is a chance to reconnect with nature's elements. Through the magic of analogue photography, I capture moments where you surrender to the wonders of the earth.

Our journey begins with a guided meditation, a peaceful passage leading you to a state of deep relaxation. This heightened sensitivity allows you to receive your own inner oracles – whispers of wisdom and unique sensations.

The resulting photographs are a testament to your connection with yourself and the natural world. Each image embodies a quiet beauty, a visual poem waiting to be unraveled.

Whether you choose a solo adventure or a shared experience, there's a journey waiting for you.

If you wish, the whispers you received during the session can be transformed into a personalized jewel, a piece from my
Longing of the Oracle jewellery collection.


✦ Individual and group photographic journeys available.
✦ Starting rate for a 1-day photoshoot (up to 6 hours), up to 2 locations: £1,200
✦ A deposit of £200 is required to book.
✦ Within four weeks, you'll receive 22 high-resolution analogue photographs as .jpeg files.
✦ Optional add-ons include prints, additional .jpeg files, and personalized jewels.

Is your heart whispering for a journey? Book your solo or group exploration here.

An experimental analogue picture.

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