Faery portal

There's a quiet magic that unfolds when I pick up my analogue camera—a way to bridge the gap between myself, nature, and the viewer. Each photograph becomes a portal, not just to a scene, but to the awe and ethereal beauty that whispers in the everyday. Through these frames, I invite you to see the world with fresh eyes, to find the magic in the tiniest details of nature.

For over a decade, I've been delving into this connection through analogue photography. Double exposures and intentional herbal baths for my film become an alchemical dance, where soul, image, memory, and a flicker of the divine all come together.  The textures and depth you see in the final images are an embodiment to this process – each frame a unique creation, born from the raw magic of film.

To see a collection of these journeys captured in light, visit me at @faeryportal.
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