The Bones of the Witches & the Elves, London (2023)

Maria Stella’s jewellery collection ‘The Longing of the Oracle’ morphs into an installation titled ‘The Bones of the Witches & the Elves’. The title reflects Maria Stella's longing for the fires that ravaged the forests in Greece in the summer of 2023. The audience was invited to journey with the Oracles in search of the ‘key’ that would make the dry stream flow again. 

“Find a comfortable seat, pick from the bowl of water a ‘Longing of the Oracle’ jewel while holding it in your palm, observe its shape, and let any meaning arise. When you feel ready, place the headphones and enjoy the inner landscape meditation. After you are back, place your finger into the paint made of ashes that the artist picked from the burned forest in Greece, and paint the symbol you received during the meditation on the big paper in front of you”.
Copyright ⓒ 2023 Maria Stella Lydaki