Lifeblood, 2020

In this performance, I braid my hair with moss until the strands touch the ground. Through a lamenting rhythm of tangling, untangling, and watering, a connection is formed. The performance unfolded after a spoken word invocation titled "Lifeblood". This poem explored themes of connection, duality, and the body's inherent power.

The body extends in visible and invisible ways.

Internal, external - above, below.

The number two.

An object and me.

A person and me.

A sound and me.

One - two.

My hair connects to the ground,

Alive and strong.

The source I seek is there; invisible like air.


Scepters and magic wands vanish as blurred extensions.

The human body is a wing that bears power.

Because I am, I am, Lifeblood.

Mediamatic, Amsterdam - part of the Jewellery Festival, OBSESSED!
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