The longing of the Oracle

This collection echoes the themes of Lingering Longing - an installation that explored longing, the oracle, and the body's voice. Each piece is more than an ornament; it's a handcrafted conduit for your inner voice.

I use the ancient lost-wax casting technique to transform hand-picked branches into pieces brimming with the essence of purification. These branches not only hold a memory of the landscape where I found them, but they also evoke inner landscapes and whisper messages from your soul.

You can wear them as reminders of your inner landscape, create a sacred space on your altar or in your home, or even carry them with you as you travel. These versatile companions can be placed in the land, offering their silver light not just to the fairies but to any intention you set. Perhaps they might even act as a key, unlocking a hidden faeryportal on your path.

For a deeper connection, embark on a transformative Journey with the Oracles. In this unique experience immersed in nature, we'll co-create a piece of jewelry that speaks to your soul's longing. Let the whispers of the wind and the secrets of the earth guide your design. Learn more about in Journey with the Oracles.

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