Lingering Longing, 2022

In my graduation project, Lingering Longing, the word longing is materialised as a chain that links one longing with another into an endless link. When the parts that make the chain are detached they become characters of a lost language that the audience can interact with and become a listener to its endless metaphors.

My research thesis, Endingbeginning is on laments in contemporary art. Its starting point wass last oracle in Delphi, Greece. The prophetesses’ last oracle was in 394 BC, right before all temples had to close evoked a big longing in me: “[...] there is no talking stream, the stream is dry and had so much to say.” The metaphor of the dry stream that lost its voice, made me want to investigate what this stream is and how to make it flow again. This research was made during the isolation of covid 19 pandemic making the metaphor of the dry stream relevant and the tears of loss a stream for new beginnings.
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