Analogue photography prints

Anagennisi, meaning "rebirth" in Greek, bears witness to the Rhodes wildfires of summer 2023 through a captivating lens. The project uses photography and folklore to explore themes of loss, renewal, and the unseen world.

Imagine the forest as a vast grave, holding the emotions of those affected by the fire. Yet, within this darkness lies a flicker of hope. The project explores the lament of the Faery Queens, mythical protectors of the forest, who grieve the loss of the forest and guide the souls of fallen trees.

Through research and photographic performance, the artist exposes the hidden beauty within the burned landscape. By acknowledging the unseen, the project asks: can finding beauty in the darkness open a path toward hope? Anagennisi is a lament for all - a song of healing that transcends the boundaries of belief. It's a call to action, urging us to protect our environment and heal from our inner burnouts.

Let these limited-edition fragments of resilience ignite contemplation within your sanctuary.

Copyright ⓒ 2023 Maria Stella Lydaki