Delphi — Nourishing the Dry Stream

The summer before I dove into my graduation research, I felt called to make a pilgrimage to Delphi, Greece. Fueled by the haunting words of the Pythia, the last oracle of Delphi, I embarked on a photographic exploration. Her final oracle, delivered in A.D. 394, served as a powerful reminder of the site's faded glory:

“Tell ye King: the carven hall is fallen in decay; Apollo hath no chapel left, no prophesying bay,  No talking spring. The stream is dry and had so much to say.”

Imbued by the Pythia's words, I became acutely attuned to the whispers of the past. My body became a conduit for a deeper kind of listening. The silence that now blankets the Pythia's stream became a constant companion on my journey. As I walked the ancient paths, it was as if the very landscape echoed her final pronouncements.

Yearning to listen to the oracle's deep longing and find a way through my art to make it flow again, I captured in 35mm film this interplay in my photographs - a dialogue between the physical remnants of a glorious past and the enduring whispers that still resonate in the present.

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