Delphi — Nourishing the Dry Stream

Pilgrimage in Delphi, Greece, in the summer before my graduation research. 

“Tell ye King: the carven hall is fallen in decay; Apollo hath no chapel left, no prophesying bay,  No talking spring. The stream is dry and had so much to say.”– The last oracle of Pythia,  A.D. 394.

This photography project emerged through my pilgrimage to Delphi, in 2021. Through my practice in analog photography, I become more sensitive to the space around me. I let my body remember how to listen. My body, ethereal and matter, is interacting with a new environment, which has a memory that carries symbols left in the collective imagination. The last oracle of Pythia is still echoing in the landscape and I am walking with silence nourishing Her dry stream.
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